Government contractors don’t operate their business in the same way that other B2B companies do. Their infrastructure is different, their operations are different, and most importantly, the sales cycle for government contractors are very different from those in more commercial industries. That’s why government contractors need a robust and encompassing CRM to smoothly run through their uniques sales cycle, create solid relationships with their federal counterparts, and win bid after bid. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics CRM embraces that distinct sales cycle and meets the needs of contractors and their clients.

When optimized by professionals like GovCon365, Dynamics CRM can prove to be one of the most engaging and feature-rich CRM systems that government contractors can leverage to fulfill their CRM objectives. Whether you’re looking to improve bid tracking, visualization, or compliance, Dynamics CRM can give you what you want. Here’s how:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Government Contractor Sales

As noted earlier, the sales cycle in government contracting is different. The process generally lasts longer than commercial sales, and it involves numerous formal actions including pre-solicitation notices, requests for information, requests for quotes, requests for proposals, and even more. There’s a lot that goes into it. With Dynamics CRM, these processes are streamlined via precise documentation, templating, automation, and notifications; instead of having to keep track of the bidding phases on your own, Dynamics CRM does it for you.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Bid Opportunities

Just like tracking awarded bids, tracking bid opportunities can be just as frustrating. With Dynamics CRM, your employees can run through searches of bid opportunities across the web and import the results directly into your records. Once there, you can customize opportunity dashboards with summaries of all the activities, business opportunities, vendor research, and more. The idea is to keep opportunities flowing in and make more bids to the clients you want.

Once you have the bid opportunities you want, you can review bids systematically with an in-system assignment for each level of review (technical content, pricing, legal compliance, etc.). Not only will it save you time, but with a partner like GovCon365, Dynamics CRM can help your organization maintain compliance regulations around every part of the process to ensure your company is safe in case of audits at any time. Additionally, you can assign specific team members to individual bid opportunities, bids in process, and other activities right in one dashboard.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dashboards

Dynamics CRM is an exceptional solution for any company wanting multi-functional dashboards to track and review their sales cycle. It gives you total control and visualization over the catalog of operations government contractors have to cover. Dynamics CRM highlights each phase of the bid cycle and lets you know when to continue with the next stage. Dashboards can be personalized to match the workflow that your company already knows, but in an environment that helps you move through the sales cycle more efficiently. With Dynamics CRM, your company gains a competitive edge with a bird’s eye view of every facet of your bidding cycle.

At the end of your bidding process, the main benefits Dynamics CRM offers your business are better relationships with your clients, better understanding of their needs, and satisfaction from your team. You won’t just earn more bids and improve your sales cycle, but you’ll also create prominent connections to advance your company network and the chance of referral. In today’s market, there’s not a whole lot better than that.

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