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Government contractors that primarily provide services to the government need to ensure that they are optimizing their contract utilization. The ERP solution needs to be able to provide information that will help multiple audiences understand where project funding and utilization stands at any given time.

Exceptional Reporting and Inclusive Capabilities With Dynamics NAV

If a project is nearing its funding ceiling earlier than expected, the ERP solution must be able to generate alerts that communicate this to the critical personnel on the team, for example. Professional service providers to the government need a solution that is comprehensive and has all of the capabilities the firm needs to manage its financials. Forecasting and budgeting; reporting and visualization on the financials, projects, and resourced; and spending and cost management must all be included. And it must have a variety of ways to report the information so that all audiences receive the information they need to make the best business decisions. A great thing about Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors is its traceability, which helps management pinpoint many critical business operations factors. The solution can handle any type of contract that the government contractor may have with the government, from firm-fixed price to time and materials. At its core, the solution must be able to give management the information it needs and this is where Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors really differentiates itself. As they say, it’s all about the reporting. We discuss our vast reporting capabilities throughout this web site, and you’ll see how deep, thought out, and valuable the many ways the solution provides information can be. Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors was built with the government contractor’s workflow in mind for different facets of people’s jobs.

Professional service providers to the Government need a solution that is comprehensive and has all of the capabilities the firm needs to manage its financials.


  • A fully-compliant solution with all of the features and capabilities government contractors need to maximize their contract performance and win more
  • Drill into contract details to help make critical decisions that would reflect contract optimization
  • Make transaction-level data more accessible, identify trends, and make business decisions based on supporting data
  • Drill down capability allows access of information that is more difficult to get to in older systems, if possible at all
  • Database structure that provides powerful and efficient reporting
  • Complete migration services to ensure that you will be up and running without delay
  • An extremely flexible system with enormous capability explicitly designed for companies that continue to win government contracts
  • A solution that takes advantage of the innate ease of use of the Microsoft Windows/Office interface

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors a flexible solution?

Growing government contractors have come to find that Microsoft offers a more flexible and feature-rich project accounting and financial management solution than what’s been available to them in the past. Only GovCon365 offers a Microsoft solution that was created specifically for high-growth government contractors, to help these companies better manage and optimize their business. Based on Microsoft’s extremely flexible and feature-rich Dynamics NAV, the solution goes way beyond what’s presently available to government contractors.

Does it meet Government Contractor Requirements?

More and more government contractors are moving to the premier Microsoft solution for government contractor financial management and project accounting solution from GovCon365 every day. Visionary CFO’s at government contractors that provide professional services for the government are migrating to the GovCon365 solution because it offers a feature-rich, well integrated base that fully utilizes the Microsoft look and feel and meets DCAA compliancy concerns. This solution was developed with CAS (Cost Accounting Standards), DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency), and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) compliance in mind.

Does the solution provide value to project management?

While it includes everything you need to manage the accounting side of your business, it also includes a completely integrated project accounting set of tools as well. It allows your company’s management and your program managers to truly understand contract status at any given time. Built-in analytics and reporting services, online as well, add to the robustness of the system.

How does Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Government Contractors help my company leverage its investment in Microsoft technology?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the same look and feel as all Microsoft products, including Windows and MS Office, which most operators are familiar with. It is built on Microsoft services such as the SQL Server database and Microsoft SharePoint. Because of this and the product’s inherent flexibility, Microsoft Dynamics NAV requires less staff resources to manage. Any Microsoft trained professional can learn how to manage and operate the system in a very short period of time. Most accounting and program professionals are familiar with the Windows look and feel so training is much shorter and operators can be up and running much quicker than with competing systems.

How does the solution help my company's program managers be more effective?

In order for program managers to be more effective, they need easy access to reports on the items that drive profitability per project, from their unique perspective. The reporting must be impactful and valid and must be easily accessible over the web in real or near real time. Project managers are working in an ever changing world and are particular about the type of reports they want (economic value proposition per project, for example). Microsoft technology helps project managers break down their projects to the nth degree and track costs. Customers can do more profitability analysis and in real time view all project costs; growing trend to make project managers more effective and give them the tools to make their business more profitable.


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